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Medikal Reveals Troubling Details About Marriage with Fella Makafui



Medikal Reveals Troubling Details About Marriage with Fella Makafui

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has unveiled a series of troubling revelations about his marriage to actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui.

In a series of Snapchat posts, Medikal opened up about various contentious issues that occurred during their time together. The couple’s marriage has been under public scrutiny for some time, especially after Medikal publicly announced their divorce. Their tumultuous relationship has been widely covered by the media, with several bitter revelations emerging.

Medikal’s latest revelations follow a recent incident where he claimed that Fella Makafui called the police on him for asking her cousin to leave his residence. Despite sharing a child with Makafui, Medikal expressed his reluctance to go public with their issues due to their family ties. However, he stated that the situation had escalated beyond his control.

Among his accusations, Medikal alleged that Fella Makafui physically assaulted him by hitting his head with a coffee cup and striking him several times at their East Legon residence. He claimed that her violent outburst was triggered by her suspicion that he was with another woman.

“While I was staying at Caterpillar Junction in East Legon, there was a day she jumped over my wall and entered my room, suspecting I was with another woman,” Medikal recounted. “I was with my friends playing video games. She threw the tea I was drinking on me, slammed my head with the coffee cup, destroyed my PlayStation and my television. She also destroyed my laptop used for recording in my studio and hit my head with a hanger several times.”

Medikal emphasized that he never retaliated and instead called the police from the Lakeside police station to intervene and remove Fella Makafui from the premises. “I restrained myself and I never hit her,” he said.

Medikal’s revelations have left fans of both individuals shocked and concerned for their well-being. Fella Makafui has not yet responded to Medikal’s accusations, though there are unconfirmed reports that the actress has petitioned the police to investigate her ex-husband.


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