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Medikal Exposes Truth About Fella Makafui’s Flat Tummy: Surgery, Not Slim Tea



Medikal Exposes Truth About Fella Makafui’s Flat Tummy: Surgery, Not Slim Tea

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has made shocking revelations about his former wife, Fella Makafui, asserting that her flat stomach is the result of cosmetic surgery, not the slim tea products she promotes.

The “Omo Ada” rapper disclosed in a series of videos on Snapchat over the weekend that Fella underwent a tummy tuck surgery to boost her business ventures. Despite his initial opposition, Medikal supported her decision to ensure her happiness. He revealed that he covered the costs for her surgeries in Nigeria and Turkey, which totaled over €25,000, along with additional expenses.

Medikal explained that Fella’s motivation for the surgery was to enhance her promotional efforts for her business, although he had recommended other marketing strategies, such as hiring ambassadors or influencers for the slim tea. This disagreement reportedly caused a temporary rift in their relationship.

Expressing his concern for her well-being, Medikal advised against the surgery due to the potential risks involved. Nonetheless, Fella proceeded with the operation despite his reservations.

Additionally, Medikal revealed that he invested more than $300,000 into Fella’s import and flat tummy business, highlighting his significant financial support for her entrepreneurial endeavors.

In response to Medikal’s videos, Fella Makafui has stated that she prefers to address these matters through legal channels rather than engaging in public disputes on social media.


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