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Patapaa’s Ex-Wife, Liha Miller, Shows Off New Love with Pro Footballer – Watch Video



Patapaa’s Ex-Wife, Liha Miller, Shows Off New Love with Pro Footballer – Watch Video

Liha Miller, the ex-wife of Ghanaian musician Patapaa, has reportedly moved on and found new love.

This latest development comes following recent reports of her divorce from the “One Corner” hitmaker. Speculations about her personal life have been rife in the last few months, but it appears that Liha has indeed moved on.

Videos of Liha and her new lover, Duke, a professional footballer, were shared on the latter’s social media pages around Monday, May 20, 2024.

The footage showcased the couple in various affectionate moments, signaling a fresh chapter in Liha’s life after her supposed tumultuous relationship with Patapaa. The couple’s videos, which quickly went viral, depict Liha and Duke enjoying each other’s company, with scenes of them dining out, attending events, and sharing intimate moments.

It should be noted that Liha Miller and Patapaa’s marriage had been the subject of much public scrutiny and media attention.

Over the past few months, rumors of discord between Liha and Patapaa began to surface, with various sources hinting at deep-seated issues. It became evident that all was not well when Liha started spending more time in Germany, her home country, while Patapaa remained in Ghana.

Friends and fans noticed the physical and emotional distance between the two, fueling speculations of an impending split. Despite attempts to reconcile and keep their marital woes private, the couple eventually decided to part ways.

Liha’s decision to move on with her life seems to have been a step towards finding personal happiness and stability.

Her relationship with Duke appears to be a fresh start, free from the pressures and expectations that surrounded her previous marriage.


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