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Family rejects Mohbad’s autopsy result, demands independent post-mortem



Family rejects Mohbad’s autopsy result, demands independent post-mortem

The family of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has rejected the autopsy results conducted on him, demanding an independent post-mortem and toxicology.

Mohbad died on 12 September at the age of 27 under controversial circumstances, leading to the police exhuming his remains and conducting an autopsy on 21 September to ascertain the cause of his death.

On 16 May, PREMIUM TIMES reported that Sunday Osiyemi, a pathologist at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), informed the Coroner’s Inquest that the autopsy conducted on Mohbad was inconclusive in determining the cause of death.

The pathologist attributed the inconclusive autopsy to factors such as body decomposition and potential reactions to medications Mohbad received before his death, among others.

On Monday, the Aloba family challenged the Lagos State Government to confirm the autopsy’s authenticity because of the public’s doubts and conflicting reports.

They said this at a virtual press conference on Monday with PREMIUM TIMES in attendance, spearheaded by Joseph Aloba (Mohbad’s father) and his legal team, led by Wahab Shittu.

Among other allegations, the family sought clarification on the location and venue (medical facility) where the said autopsy was conducted and demanded a thorough investigation and answers.

They remarked: “We, the legal representatives of the Aloba family, express our profound dissatisfaction and disappointment with the recent announcement regarding the toxicology test results of the late Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad), which have been declared inconclusive by the pathologist.

“This outcome is entirely unacceptable to us and the Aloba family and raises serious concerns about the integrity and thoroughness of the investigation by the police and the medical team into the untimely death of their beloved son, brother, and friend. The Aloba family and the world demand to know where the toxicology test was carried out as this has impugned the integrity.”


The family claims the inconclusive autopsy results failed to provide the necessary clarity, undermining the public and their faith in the investigation’s integrity.

Mohbad’s family expressed concern that the autopsy failed to determine the cause of the singer’s death, adding that their pursuit of truth and justice, along with the hope that the toxicology test reportedly conducted in the United States would shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

“Following the news report in the Punch newspaper of 31 May 2024, titled ‘US Lab denies conducting poison test on Mohbad’ and the silence that followed from the government, a review of the toxicology test must be necessary. The legal team wonders how the legal letterhead and the address of the National Medical Services Laboratories in Pennsylvania, USA, appeared on the toxicology test report if the test was not carried out in the USA.

“The legal team is puzzled more, given the discrepancies in the further response given by the NMS laboratories ascribing the test to another sister laboratory. The conflict of interest that borders on professional integrity. The public is interested in knowing the relationship between the Lagos State DNA and Forensic Laboratory, NMS in the USA and ITSI Biosciences, who allegedly completed the toxicology test on behalf of the Lagos State government.”


Mohbad’s family denounced the inconclusive toxicology test result and called for a reputable and internationally recognised forensic laboratory to re-examine the toxicology samples.

The family emphasised that the re-examination should be conducted fairly and adhere to the highest forensic science standards.

Furthermore, the Aloba family demanded a thorough review of the procedures and protocols followed during the toxicology test. They requested an assessment of the chain of custody, handling, and analysis of the samples to ensure no procedural lapses or contamination occurred.

“Collaboration with international experts. We urge the involvement of independent international forensic experts to oversee and validate the re-examination process; their participation will help restore confidence in the findings and ensure all possible avenues are explored. The Aloba family demands full disclosure of all findings and reports related to the toxicology tests. Transparency is crucial for understanding the cause of death and dispelling doubts or suspicions.

“Swift and decisive action. Time is of the essence in this matter. We call upon the relevant authorities to expedite the re-examination process and ensure the family receives definitive answers immediately. The Nigeria Police has not done enough in this case. The investigation so far conducted does not show the thoroughness and professionalism expected in a ‘murder’ case of this nature,” the family said.

More so, the family called for the personal intervention of the Inspector General of Nigeria Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, in unravelling the circumstances that surrounded the singer’s death and bringing the perpetrators to book.

“The Aloba family has definitive answers regarding the cause of his death, and it is the responsibility of the investigating bodies to provide them with such clarity. The current inconclusive results only prolong the agony and uncertainty, both unfair and unjust,’’ they said.

Coroner Inquest

Mohbad’s family appealed to the coroner Inquest presiding magistrate to ensure that an independent toxicology report is submitted to the court before submitting the final report to the authorities.

They said: “We have an application before the Coroner’s Court seeking approval to conduct an independent autopsy and toxicology test. We call on the presiding magistrate to expedite a hearing on the independent autopsy and toxicology application.

“That is the only way justice can be served in this case. We appreciate the support and understanding of the public during this challenging time and assure everyone that the Aloba family will not rest until the truth is revealed and justice is served, particularly to the memory of the late Mohbad,” the family demanded.

According to the family, the coroner adjourned to enable all parties to cross-examine the pathologist on the evidence, and reports presented to the coroner have not occurred.

“We are yet to take him (the pathologist) upon the evidence given and the report itself, which is also part of the process. That is yet to take place. Now, the pathologist has provided extensive evidence about what he has done. He has also presented the report. In law, it is regarded as evidence in court. When you provide evidence in court like that, you are entitled to be cross-examined on the evidence you have given, to determine the integrity of what you have told us, or to see whether you can be contradicted on what you have said.

“After the presentation of the report, we now saw this report in the Punch. We sought to question the authenticity of the toxicology report in the United States. That controversy and subsequent inquiries, which also led to further disclosure, give rise to this press briefing.”

Body decomposition, autopsy

Mohbad’s family, however, maintained that the decomposition of the late singer’s body shouldn’t affect what the pathologist seeks to unravel in his autopsy.

They said: “In some other places, deceased persons having spent maybe 20-30 years in the grave are often exhumed, and the source of their death through some tests will be discovered. So, for somebody who was buried for maybe between 9 and 11 days and was exhumed, for the pathologist to come forward now and say we couldn’t see anything on him that caused his death is unheard of.

“There are better ways that other tests could be conducted if they seek collaboration with other experts in the field that will lead them to see the truth of the matter. But as it were, it appears that the matter has been covered up by some powerful individuals which nobody knows. But if justice is to be served, the police will do their work, and once they do their work, the truth will come out.”

Mohbad’s family added that if the court gives them approval to conduct a toxicology test on the late singer, they will unravel the truth.

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