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IGP leaked tape: Appointment of IGPs must be consultative – Report



IGP leaked tape: Appointment of IGPs must be consultative – Report

The special Parliamentary committee, established to investigate the leaked tape involving the Inspector General of Police (IGP), has suggested that the president, while exercising his constitutional power to appoint an IGP, should ensure a consultative nomination and appointment process involving key actors and stakeholders in the security and intelligence sectors.

“The nomination and appointment process should also take into account the nominee’s demonstrable political neutrality, proven high sense of patriotism and professional competence combined with impeccable professional experience.”

“To safeguard the sanctity and integrity of the nomination and appointment process for an IGP, the president should ensure that the process is devoid of politicisation by “power brokers,” political cronies, and influence peddlers to engender the necessary public trust in the nominee IGP,” the committee further elaborated in its report.

The committee emphasised the need to review and amend Article 202 (1) of the 1992 constitution.

It also highlighted the importance of subjecting the nominee to parliamentary approval to ensure the political independence and legitimacy of the IGP’s office.

“This is important to protect the appointment process from perceptions of partisanship and political manipulation and ultimately, preserve the sanctity of the appointment process,” the report added.

Source: CNR