Men who bleach have nothing to offer

Men who bleach have nothing to offer

Lucifer, a Ghanaian spiritualist who is also sometimes referred to as the Quotation Master, has divulged that any man who bleaches his skin has nothing good to offer in life.

In a studio interview with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Nsem Pii, aired on Happy98.9fm, he advised that women should stay away from such men because the only money that they have is what they use in buying their bleaching creams.

“Those ‘blinks blinks’ boys have nothing. The last money in their pockets is what they use to buy bleaching creams. These young boys just want to get rich fast so you see them staking lotto. Lotto can never make you successful”, Kweku Lucifer counseled.

The spiritualist went on to urge that the youth should wisen up because no one has ever been successful enough to buy cars and build a house, all from the lottery.

“If I get two-sure, I’ll probably give it to about 2-3people I know but I won’t come on radio and tell you to bring GHC100 for lottery numbers to win you GHC1000. If it was real, why won’t I stake it myself for 1billion?”, he quizzed, entreating the youth to use their brains.


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