Azigiza, wife set to host ‘Young Couples Connect’

Azigiza, wife set to host ‘Young Couples Connect’

Rev. Azigiza and wife as part of their 18th marriage anniversary are set to host the 2020 edition of the Young Couples Connect as part of measures to educate young men and women on relationship and marriage issues.

According to them, the three-month mentoring programme would talk, teach and mentor young couples about marriage adding that people should not only prepare for their careers but also prepare for their marriage and family.

Speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ Wednesday morning on Okay FM, Rev Azigiza explained marriage may turn out to be either magnificent, manageable or a miserable experience.

“We are looking for 3 things on this programme. We want to put God in people’s marriages. We must connect our marriage in God’s way. Another one is we want to bring practical Christian solutions. The third one is that we want people to enjoy marriage. How do we make it magnificent?” he said.

He added, “This is ministry work, we want to be a blessing to many with respect to their marriages. Anyone at the stage ready to marry is qualified for this, including potential marriage couples. First one would be an open space in an auditorium with all the necessary protocols being observed. Afterwards, we would then place all the couples in one group then we start zoom classes, it’s a holistic thing.”

The two lovebirds look very happy with each other. Their love story is not just interesting but also an inspiring one. Gertrude used to be a go-between for Azigiza, born Victor Kpakpo Addo, scouting girls for him, but they ended up as lovers and subsequently got married.

“I was a betweener for him. Sometimes I scouted for girls just to help him find someone, I knew his taste and preferences when it comes to girls” the wife repeated on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’.

Azigiza was one of the popular DJs in the 90s. He was adjudged the best West African DJ and best African DJ in 1993.

He started his DJ career in 1991 on radio as a presenter and DJ. He hosted programmes such as Joy FM’s Joy Beach Jam, Guinness Music for Your Dancing Feet on GTV, Video Vibes and The Azigiza Show.

He was the resident DJ for most of the big nightclubs in Accra like Miracle Mirage, the Golden Egg and Glenns. He abandoned his DJ profession in 1998 when he became a born-again Christian, and that was when his transformation started. Rev. Azigiza Jnr. enrolled in some Bible schools and has since become a minister of the gospel.


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