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I’m not living in a kiosk – Kwabena Kwabena



I’m not living in a kiosk – Kwabena Kwabena

Ghanaian musician, guitarist, and an accomplished draftsman, Kwabena Kwabena born George Kwabena Adu has disputed claims that he’s broke and lives in a kiosk.

According to the “Adult Music” hitmaker, it’s better to live within your means than live above your means reason why he lives a measured life.

The musician was speaking on Accra-based Accra FM monitored by

He indicated that Ghanaians are moved by people who brag, reason why they think he is broke.

Kwabena Kwabena noted that most of the people who are seen flaunting wealth and investing monies in their music are fraudsters and therefore there is the need to frown on such elements.

He indicated that he has built an eight-bedroom house where he lives and also has a beach house where most celebrities come to cool off even without knowing it’s his so people saying he’s broke are just uninformed.

“We should stop promoting people who sit behind computers to steal from people through fraud and invest that money into music. We have music money and fraud money. I made my money through music so people cannot tell me I’m broke. Let’s encourage the young ones coming up to work hard and make money from their music instead of defrauding people and bring their fraud money into music.”

The musician debunked claims that he’s into drugs indicating that he only smokes tobacco which is legal in Ghana.


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