Any media person who reported that I have coronavirus will contract the disease -Tinny

Any media person who reported that I have coronavirus will contract the disease -Tinny

Ghanaian Rapper Nii Addo Quaynor, better known by his stage name Tinny, has expressed his anguish at the media report that he had contracted the COVID-19 disease.

According to him, the media only focuses on negative news rather than promoting positive reports.

In an interview with Happy FM’s Doctar Cann on the Showbiz Xtra, Tinny unleashed his anger on media houses and media persons who reported that he had contracted Coronavirus.

“When Nii Funny posted on social media that I had COVID-19, I had not spoken to any presenter or any journalist. When people call me, they inform me that the news is a breaking news on radio and TV stations.

If someone were to release new songs,the media won’t use that as breaking news. But because this is a news that tarnishes one’s image the media is talking about it . All you do is to promote negative stuff . It is very bad”, he said.

Tinny noted that the news of him contracting COVID-19 was false and such news will have a bad effect on his family. For that reason,any media person or media house who reported such news will have their family members contracting the disease.

“Have you seen someone with COVID-19 associating with his family? I don’t have any COVID-19. Which Doctor or Hospital confirmed this news. The media should have called my management or myself to find out but you have just believed the news.

Any media house that reported that I have COVID-19,the persons and families will contract the disease .

I have a family. I have kids who are in school .How will they feel if they are told that their father has COVID-19. This is very bad”, he told Doctar Cann.

Few days ago, the media reported that the Rapper had tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic after it was announced by fellow musician Nii Funny on his personal Facebook page.


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