We mostly hear the comparison; as white as snow,

Although often there’s nothing pure they show.

But this lady is as fair as shrimp’s below.

Were she a song, I’d listen till my ear lobe blow

There’s a toffee shop down the lane,

The sweetness in its pack gets me insane.

An estate girl has it for sale,

My route and her footpath is same,

When we first met she told me a love thale,

And I now love her so who’s to blame?

Toffees are sweet but only to those who taste them.

This one wrapped brown is my problem.

Before meeting her, I ate pancake.

And it’s why she’s refusing me her chocolate.

If not for love, I’ll spank her for being late.

Can I yet vomit in her arms,

To free my belly of old charms,

And wed her in one of my golden farms?

The time is soon and the date set

Next new moon or June I bet

Plans are made, is the cash ready?

The man is late, but is the bride groomed already?

source: ghmediahub.com | Author: Nancy Obenewaa

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