Devils who pushed Rawlings into evil acts still around Mahama – Tolon Naa Spill beans

Devils who pushed Rawlings into evil acts still around Mahama – Tolon Naa Spill beans

A Former officer commanding the Recce Regiment now a traditional ruler, Tolon Naa Major(Retired) Abubakar Sulemana has revealed that the very persons who pushed a kindhearted man like former President Jerry John Rawlings into engaging in evil acts are around former President John Dramani Mahama.

According to the traditional ruler who revealed he does not want to sound political, these persons he refused to name, caused and are still causing a mess around former President John Mahama.

Speaking in an interview monitored by following the demise of the former military ruler, he said “He was my friend. Rawlings used to come to my house at Burma Camp. We would sit down and discuss. We would later meet and ride horses together. Very gentle. Not a devil. Unfortunately, the devils that forced him to do those things are still around. I don’t want to be tagged as a politician. If you look deep, they are the people causing the mess around John Mahama. They still have their revolutionary caps on”, the chief stated.

He noted the deceased former Head of State was used by unscrupulous persons within his government to achieve their evil deeds.

“To tell you the truth, when things happen this way, we look at things above without looking at those under. I strongly believe that Rawlings did not just wake up and give orders that other people should to be killed…I knew Rawlings very well. The man loved even horses; how can such a man do that?” He quizzed while responding to the execution of persons under the regime of Rawlings.

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