Why Nana Osei Tutu II, must use his authority to stop the death threats on Twene Jonas

Why Nana Osei Tutu II, must use his authority to stop the death threats on Twene Jonas

Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, it is my pleasure to write to you about many videos on Youtube, calling for violence and death threats against one Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian residing in the United States of America, known for making video clips highlighting issues not going well in the country – Ghana.

On May 12, 2021, while speaking at KNUST’s Great Hall, Otumfuo mentioned that 30 percent of the audience at the dialogue can identify people involved in Galamsey.

Without hiding anything from the audience, Nana Osei Tutu II, also said he has been instructed to read what is exactly handed over to him.

Following this statement, Twene Jonas, as usual, known for hitting against corruption, politicians, celebrities, or on almost every issue affecting Ghana, made a video clip against Otumfuo showing his dissatisfaction over what he said.

I have said several times that those in Ghana see things differently from those in the Diaspora. In Ghana, we value our culture, customs, and heritage but once a Ghanaian leaves the coast of Africa to a developed country, he sees what is taken as disrespect or insults in Africa, are not the same in a developed country.

In Africa, it is disrespectful to people, without calling their names to Mr. Mrs. Hon, etc; but in Europe and America, many not interested.

Mark Rutte, Holland’s Prime Minister, rides his bicycle to the office every morning in Amsterdam, people wave and call him ‘Mark,’ and he waves back.

An African Prime Minister or President will never ride a bicycle to work but believe me in his luxurious presidential vehicle, he wouldn’t like anyone calling his first or family’s name without adding honorable, President, or Nana.

With this explanation, Otumfuo, all that I am saying is that forgive Twene Jonas if you feel he didn’t approach you very well on this subject. You shouldn’t take this matter seriously for others to curse him or threaten the life of this young man.

Otumfuo, the law is corrupt in many ways, yet the same law works better in other places, especially in the developed countries than African countries.

Youtube belongs to Google, the giant search engine company, therefore, they know whatever videos come on Youtube.

In this case, Google knows all the videos Twene Jonas has been uploading on Youtube and what others have uploaded with threats on his life. In one of the videos, someone has given the residential address of Twene Jonas.

Nana Osei Tutu II, I am not saying someone will kill Twene Jonas but assuming it happens and the FBI starts an investigation about the circumstances leading to Jonas’ death, Otumfuo, you will definitely have some questions to answer even though you didn’t play any role in Jonas’ death.

The fact that the death threats followed after the video criticizing you about the failure to mention names of those you know involved in illegal mining in the country will be an interesting point to give some few answers to the FBI during an investigation.

As you are aware, in Ghana, the law doesn’t work; therefore, things are taken for granted but in Europe and America, threatening the life of a person can even send you to jail for two years.

I am, therefore, humbly requesting to use your power to stop all those threatening the life of Twene Jonas as soon as possible.

source: modernghana.com

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