Kokrobite youth angry over destruction of gods

Kokrobite youth angry over destruction of gods

Some youth at Kokrobite are angry over the grading and destruction of their gods.

According to them, they have been deprived of worshipping and paying homage to their gods who have protected them for years.

The angry youth, who spoke in an interview, said they will deal ruthlessly with whoever was behind the demolition exercise.

They alleged that the land, which was graded, was sold to a developer by some traditional leaders.

However, they have not been able to confirm the allegation but are outraged by the incident.

“Why should someone grade the land and destroy our gods? The gods are the ones that have protected us for years and protected this community and so why should someone destroy it? We need answers. We will deal ruthlessly with the person if found,” an angry youth said.

Another said: “We are searching for the person to punish him or her. In every community, there are gods that protect the people. We respect and worship these gods for their ability to protect us.

“We are appealing to the government to intervene. This is not right. Those behind it must be punished or even prosecuted,” another angry youth stated.

source: adomonline.com

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