Ghana Michael Jackson, Geeman To Marry Delay Very Soon

Ghana Michael Jackson, Geeman To Marry Delay Very Soon

Ghana’s Biggest Pop Star cum evangelist, Geeman has set his eyes on marrying popular television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known as Delay.

Geeman has enamored himself to the image of Delay so much that he has explained that he left the United States to Ghana purposely to marry Delay.

In an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus Fm, Geeman revealed that he is bent on walking down the aisle with his diva, Delay.

In his words: “Marrying Delay is one of the biggest plans I intend to achieve.

“After I lost my ex-wife, I have not married any other woman. I travelled all the way to Ghana to purposely marry Delay.”

You could recall Geeman was cut his dreams of becoming a global icon short when he was jailed for the murder of a taxi driver in 1995. He spent 14-years in prison in total.

Jaga Pee was sentenced to life imprisonment for aiding the crime and the main culprit, Geeman was put on death roll, thus was given death sentence. When they went for appeal, Jaga Pee got his sentence reduced to two years but Geeman’s verdict was sustained.

Geeman finally got his freedom through a presidential pardon. In 2009, President Kufour granted some Ghanaians pardon before leaving office, he was included in the list. According to Geeman in a recent interview, the family of the deceased taxi driver petitioned the court to set him free.

With his reputation dented and therefore unattractive for roles, Jagger Pee traveled to the UK and overstayed for 5 years. He got deported somewhere in 2006 and joined the movie industry again but with very little success.


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