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Times are tough; I almost gave up music – OV calls out to investors



Times are tough; I almost gave up music – OV calls out to investors

Former Bhim Nation signee, OV, is back on the music scene with new hits and an appeal for support. 

Barbara Naa Okailey Nyarko, professionally called OV, shared very deep intimate parts of herself with ZionFelix in an interview. She spoke about her hiatus and her new songs since her reintroduction on the scene. 

“I did not start music just like that. Or that I have been signing from childhood, so I know this is the path that I am supposed to take. It is as a result of something that happened. And I felt that because I am connected to the universe, God is telling me something. I know this is something. So I need to follow it.”

OV spoke about her passion for music. And how she has braced all odds to keep her head above controversies. She also revealed her need for financial boosting.

“You can’t just be in pain and decide to just distract yourself. But what I found myself in to distract me from the pain, I realised it’s a path that would lead to something. So, that’s what I try to follow. And something happened in my life that necessitated I don’t come back to do music. At that point, I should have decided that music is not my thing. Let me stay away. 

“But no! Something still urges me on. And so I know that it’s not like I’m just supposed to do music,” OV concluded.

Source: 3news