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Focus on highlife, and you will go far – Wei Y3 Oteng challenges Black Sherif



Focus on highlife, and you will go far – Wei Y3 Oteng challenges Black Sherif

Music producer and CEO of Drumline studio, Wei Y3 Oteng, says ‘Second sermon’ hitmaker, Black Sherif, will be one of Ghana’s biggest highlife artists ever. He made this statement during a discussion on Tv3’s Simply Showbiz with Akorfa. 

According to him, Black Sherif is a highlife hitmaker, and he is going to take Ghana far when he starts making highlife songs. 

“When he (Black Sherif) was mentioning all his genres, you realize he was saying Afro-pop, Afrobeat. I did not recognize any of the genres he said because as Ghanaians, this is not us. I have seen something from him from day one; that is highlife. His melodies and all he has been dropping on the track beat with his high pitch. Trust me, nobody in this current stage when this man makes his mind can match up boot for a boot with highlife. Trust me, he will be one of our biggest exports on highlife,” he said 

 He further stated that Ghana-Nigerian collaboration has always been a good one. And both countries can plan and strategize well to benefit from each other.

“The collaboration has always been good. We as a people, no matter the love, the competition, the businesses and everything, we need to constantly map up the strategy to make sure we are benefiting half-half.”

“This is because people can show you, love. People can give you all that. But if you do not have a plan to input that resource in benefiting yourself, then people will constantly come and benefit. Just like everybody has been coming to Ghana to benefit from our music industry and everything. But the question is, what plan do we have as an industry to constantly benefit from them?” Wei Y3 Oteng questioned. 

Source: 3news