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#TheVillainINeverWas: Black Sherif drops his first studio album



#TheVillainINeverWas: Black Sherif drops his first studio album

Ghanaian music sensation Mohammed Ismail Sharrif, Known in showbiz as Black Sherif, has set the internet album with his 14-track album, ‘The Villain I Never Was’.

Out of all 14 songs, only the remix of Second Sermon hosted an international feature from Burna Boy. The rest is a hard-core solo from Blacko, the rapper, flaunting his lyrical dexterity. 

Check out the full tracklist: 

  1. The Homeless Song
  2. Oil in my Head 
  3. 45
  4. Soja
  5. Prey Da Youngsta
  6. Sad Boys don’t Fold
  7. Konongo Zongo
  8. Wasteman
  9. We Up
  10. Toxic Love City
  11. Don’t Forget Me 
  12. Oh Paradise 
  13. Kwaku The Traveller 
  14. Second Sermon (Remix)

Source: 3news