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Black Sherif went behind m’gt to sign with Empire – Arnold Asamoah explains



Black Sherif went behind m’gt to sign with Empire – Arnold Asamoah explains

Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has summarized the cause of the separation between Black Sherif and his estranged manager, Snap Chavis Wayne. According to accounts by Arnold, Black Sherif doubled crossed his local management in a very disturbing manner. 

Arnold Asamoah gave insight to the Black Sherif’s management conundrum on United Showbiz. Speaking to the facts as ascertained by him, Arnold revealed that Black Sherif refused to play his part in his 5-year contract with his local record label with the arrival of Empire from the United States.

“We heard Sherif has gone to sign a distribution deal with Empire in the US. But the confusion is some of the mandates that have to be performed by the local management is being done by Empire too. So it looks like a double contract. 

In the contract with his Ghana team, it is stated that if he is going into a negotiation with a third party, he has to go through his local management. So what transpired is that he (Black sheriff) did not go through his present/local management. He went behind them. So they are telling us that he has breached their contract. So, in summary, this is what is transpiring.”

He compared Black Sherif’s crossroads with KiDi’s situation and praised the latter for his quick thinking and wise choices. He said, “Sherif’s situation is similar to what KiDi has with Lynx. Because KiDi has a distribution deal with the same Empire in the US. But guess what KiDi did not go behind Lynx to sign with Empire. So what it means is that KiDi went along with Lynx. So it’s a win-win situation. Because Lynx, as immediate management, held KiDi until his now status. So if KiDi is going to sign an international deal, it’s only fair, wise and appropriate that Lynx would lead the way. So, it was expected with Sherif’s situation that once you have a local label, who held you down, you go along with them.”

According to Arnold, Black Sherif’s choices are frowned upon in the industry. He accused Blacko of robbing his local team of their hard-earned rights. 

“This is not the first time an artist and their management or record label are having issues. But the issue is we have to appreciate what the investor brings onboard and what the artiste also represents. Because on several instances, we have not been treating investors right. You see, at this particular moment, what Sherif is doing is that he is depriving his local label of gaining what they are supposed to gain.” 

Source: 3news