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Don’t compare me with Sarkodie – Amerado says he knows his place



Don’t compare me with Sarkodie – Amerado says he knows his place

The reigning Best Rapper of the Year from 3Music awards, Amerado Burner, has a message for those ready to pitch him against his superiors in the industry. According to Amerado, these legends have earned their due. Thus it would be disrespectful to them to initiate a comparison with him.

Amerado’s interview on TV3’s New Day revealed layers of humbleness to the rapper as never seen before. Contrary to perception, Amerado acknowledges those who came and paved the way for him in the industry.

“I don’t like to be pitched against the Greats. Somebody like Okyeame Kwame, you can’t pitch me against him as to who’s the best rapper. No! They are in the craft. They’ve worked on it so much. But then you can only compare lyrics. Even with that, you have to give them absolute respect.”

Amerado also explained an incident where he lashed out at a present when Sarkodie’s name came up. He said, “I love Sarkodie. I’m a fan of Sarkodie. And then the presenter was trying to pitch me against him. But then I told him that he (Sarkodie) has worked on his craft so much that I don’t want to be compared because he’s a legend. But he (presenter) was still persisting.

“We are all learning from Sarkodie. Sark is a very good rapper. Amerado is also growing in the industry. So I can never hate him,” Amerado explained.

When Cookie Tee asked, “It looks to me that you know your place. You don’t want to cross boundaries, Am I correct?” Amerado responded, “You are very correct.”

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Source: 3news