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Sarkodie releases the music video for “X” featuring Joey B on his birthday.



Sarkodie releases the music video for “X” featuring Joey B on his birthday.

Ghanaian rap icon Sarkodie has given his fans a special treat by releasing the visuals for his latest single “X,” featuring Joey B, on his birthday. The release marks a significant occasion, blending the celebration of Sarkodie’s birthday with the excitement surrounding his new music video.

The video for “X” showcases the dynamic collaboration between Sarkodie and Joey B, two of Ghana’s most influential artists. Known for his lyrical prowess and smooth delivery, Sarkodie delivers powerful verses that complement Joey B’s unique style and energy. The chemistry between the two artists is evident, making the video a must-watch for fans.

The visuals, directed by a top Ghanaian filmmaker, babs diection, feature stunning cinematography and vibrant scenes that capture the essence of the song.

On social media, Sarkodie expressed his excitement about the release, stating, “Birthday Gift 💨🍾 “X” ft @1realjoeyb Video 🎥 by @babsdirection OUT NOW 🔥🔥🔥”

Fans and fellow artists have flooded social media with birthday wishes and praises for the new video, further cementing Sarkodie’s status as one of Ghana’s music legends. The release of “X” and its accompanying visuals on such a personal day for Sarkodie has added an extra layer of excitement and celebration for his supporters.

With this latest release, Sarkodie continues to demonstrate his ability to innovate and captivate audiences, maintaining his position at the forefront of the Ghanaian music scene.