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Believe in Gov’t to turn the economy around – Dada Hafco



Believe in Gov’t to turn the economy around – Dada Hafco

Decorated highlife musician Dada Hafco says he has an unwavering belief in the government to solve Ghana’s economic issues. He told Caleb Nii Boye on Showbiz 927 that he believes they (the government) can turn things around.

Unlike his other colleagues, Dada Hafco, a staunch NPP loyalist, is still firmly rooted in his party, the New Patriotic Party. Accordingly, he feels things will get better before the next general elections.

“For me, I believe that they can. Why not? If they put their minds to it, they can. If you look at the challenges with the economy, I think that is where their attention will be. To get the economy sorted and to get things running smoothly.”

Dada Hafco also added that these sentiments were not because he is not feeling the strain from the economic issues. He pointed out that everyone, including himself, struggles in these challenging times.

“I feel if something is not good or something is not going well, it is very evident for everybody to see. People have been complaining that things are not looking good,” Dada Hafco continued. “And they are right. It’s not because it’s looking good from my end, but it’s not looking good from anybody’s corner.

Source: 3news

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