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Ghanaians laughed over my heartbreak; I chose to cash out – Wendy Shay



Ghanaians laughed over my heartbreak; I chose to cash out – Wendy Shay

Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay has reiterated that the story of her heartbreak featured in her single, ‘Survivor’, is true. She told Giovani Caleb on 3FM Drive that she chose to make music out of her pain as that was her art from which she could express herself.

Wendy Shay’s ‘Survivor’ became a global anthem for a pledge to stand against cowering in the face of a broken heart. After millions of views and streaming worldwide, Wendy Shay details the motivation behind the classic hit song.

She said, “I had a feeling that a lot of people or some Ghanaians chose to make fun of the fact that Wendy Shay said she is suffering from a broken heart. So I felt like If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Yes, it was my personal experience, and I decided to make music out of it to help other women who are going through such situations overcome it because we are soldiers. As an artiste, that is what I’m supposed to do.”

For Wendy Shay, a new person emerged from all the chaos in her life. She discloses that the new Wendy Shay will consume her upcoming EP, ‘Enigma’. But tells us that her new song, ‘Heaven’, is a sneak peek into her EP.

“Heaven is the first song off my EP. The survivor and Warning were kinda like reintroducing myself,” Wendy Shay continued. “I feel like as an artiste, you should always grow. You should always show different sides of yourself. That is what I think artistry is all about. Music is like my playground, and I like to be flexible and show different kinds of art I have.”

Source: 3news

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