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Half of Argentina’s power grid destroyed by fire.



Half of Argentina’s power grid destroyed by fire.

After a fire damaged the national electricity grid, more than half of Argentina is now without electricity. Large portions of the countryside are completely or partially affected, as well as the nation’s capital of Buenos Aires and other significant cities.

According to reports, the fire began in open fields and spread to coastal areas, where it damaged vital power lines and shut down a nuclear power plant. Argentina is experiencing a heatwave and a drought at the same time as the outage. The South American nation is still in the midst of its summer, and temperatures are routinely exceeding 35C in certain regions.

In other areas, daily life has come to a complete stop as a result of the extreme heat and the power loss, with shops halted and schools suspended. Many are also forced to live without refrigeration or air conditioning.

The hardest impacted areas are major cities, with the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area having an estimated 150,000 people still without electricity.

According to the energy ministry, power will be restored quickly.

Electricity outages are frequent in this nation. Tens of millions of people in Argentina and Uruguay’s neighbor were left in the dark in 2019 due to a significant electricity breakdown.

Half of Argentina’s power grid is destroyed by fire. And in Buenos Aires, thousands of homes were left in the dark in 2020.

Source: BBC News

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