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Foods that can cause constipation



Foods that can cause constipation

Most people occasionally have constipation, which is quite common, significantly if their usual routine or diet has recently altered. Yet, persistent constipation indicates that the digestive system is not working correctly. Everybody has constipation for different reasons. Consuming a diet low in fiber may aggravate or cause constipation in certain people. Others may experience constipation because of or worsened by food allergies and intolerances. These individuals can choose which meals to avoid by identifying the source of their constipation.

The following foods can result in constipation:

  1. Dairy products

Although dairy products are frequently found in people’s kitchens, consuming too much dairy might cause constipation.
Although dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and milk contain healthy nutrients, they lack natural fiber because they are not made from plants.
Due to their high-fat and low fiber content, several dairy products are particularly bad for constipation.

2. Refined grains (e.g., white bread)

Refined carbohydrates, often known as refined carbs, have undergone processing and lost some of their nutritional value. Refined grains are one of the most popular forms of refined carbs.

When grains are refined, the bran and germ are removed, leaving behind a grain that is poorer in fiber and nutrients. Many refined grains contain the word “enriched flour” as the primary ingredient since these grains are frequently enhanced with the vitamins and minerals lost during the refining process.

Since the portion of the grain that contains the most fiber is removed during processing, refined grains are also particularly low in fiber. Refined grains, therefore, include more simple, low-fiber carbs.

Choose whole-grain bread, crackers, pasta, and other grain-based goods instead of refined grains.

3. Red meat

Meat lacks fiber, much like all non-vegetarian foods. Dietary fiber is crucial for promoting regular, healthy bowel motions.

Constipation can result from eating a high-meat diet deficient in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which is also bad for your health.

Source: Pulsegh

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