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30 die of Tuberculosis daily in Ghana



30 die of Tuberculosis daily in Ghana

According to Isaac Opoku Asamoah, a senior technical officer at the Greater Accra Regional TB Control, 30 people die daily in Ghana due to tuberculosis (TB), while 125 people contract the disease on a daily basis.

He noted that TB is a silent killer, and many adults in developing countries like Ghana are unknowingly exposed to TB bacteria.

Asamoah explained that the progression from latent to active TB disease depends on the individual’s immunity and that smokers, alcoholics, prisoners, people living in crowded and poorly ventilated rooms, mine workers, and persons exposed to silica are at higher risk of progressing to the disease.

Additionally, individuals with lowered immunity due to medical conditions like HIV, diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, and malnutrition are also at higher risk.

Asamoah stated that Ghana marked the 2023 World TB Day with a series of activities, including nationwide screening, advocacy and sensitization, and a webinar for paediatricians.

He noted that TB is preventable and curable and that free diagnosis and treatment are available in all public and accredited private health facilities in Ghana.

Source: PeaceFmOnline

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