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Man kills wife after 36 stabs



Man kills wife after 36 stabs

A man named Asim Hasan has been found guilty of murdering his wife, Aaisha Hasan, in their family home in Canning Town, east London on May 19, 2022. He stabbed her 36 times.

Despite his claims that he had not intended to cause her serious harm, he was found guilty of murder due to evidence that Aaisha had documented his abusive behavior, including recordings of his cruel accusations of infidelity and her fears that he would kill her.

She had even shared pictures of her injuries with friends on WhatsApp and had a hidden folder to store them. In a message sent to friends ten days before her murder, Aaisha expressed her fears and said she didn’t feel safe with him in the house.

Despite a neighbor alerting the police, no action was taken because Aaisha appeared well and made no complaint. On the day of the murder, Hasan called the police and admitted that he had stabbed his wife.

Aaisha suffered 36 wounds, one of which cut a wedge of bone from her skull. Hasan had been looking to have an extramarital affair and contacted a woman on a Muslim dating site days before his wife’s death.

Hasan has been remanded into custody and sentencing has been adjourned until May 25.

Source: AdomOnline

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