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Ghana Standards Authority top officials cited for contempt



Ghana Standards Authority top officials cited for contempt

Several high-ranking officials of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) have been accused of contempt for allegedly failing to return two employees, Richard Asiedu Ofori and Evans Asiedu, to their original positions.

Before the legal action was taken, Ofori was the Head of the Industrial Metrology Department, and Asiedu was the Head of the Legal Metrology Department.

However, they were transferred to regional offices, which was deemed unlawful by the High Court in August 2022. The employees believe they should be reinstated to their original positions, but they were posted to the Administration Directorate of the Authority, which they view as a demotion.

The employees have demanded reinstatement, but their request was not granted.

Therefore, they have taken legal action against the officials, including the Chairman of the GSA Governing Board, Prof Felix Mills Robertson, and other board members, for being in contempt of court and want them punished.

Source: AdomOnline

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