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GFA unveils Ghana Football School to nurture talent



GFA unveils Ghana Football School to nurture talent

Ghana Football Association (GFA) President Kurt Okraku has highlighted the significance of the recently launched Ghana Football School in providing individuals with the necessary skills to enhance the football industry.

During the official unveiling of the Ghana Football School, Okraku emphasized its role in offering training and retraining opportunities for individuals involved in the football industry.

Okraku stated, “The Ghana Football School will provide everyone with the opportunity to acquire the necessary skill set. This is the best chance we can create for our ex-footballers, who have a lot more to offer than what they are currently doing.”

The GFA aims to collaborate with reputable academic institutions such as UPSA, the University of Ghana, KNUST, GIMPA, and the China Europe Business School of Africa to develop training programs that facilitate the career pathways of former footballers.

“By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of former footballers, the GFA intends to advance the sport in Ghana,” Okraku explained. “The Ghana Football School will work closely with these institutions to determine the best ways to support our legends in achieving the career pathways they desire beyond their time on the football pitch.”

The establishment of the Ghana Football School reflects the GFA’s commitment to the development and progress of football in the country.

Source: 3News

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