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Truck kills a pedestrian in a gory accident



Truck kills a pedestrian in a gory accident

A tragic incident occurred at Assin Fosu Masalakyi “Round About” in Ghana, where an articulated truck carrying a full load of wooden boards was involved in a fatal accident.

According to eyewitnesses, the truck, registered under the number AS 5942-10, was traveling at a high speed when it overturned while attempting a sharp curve on the Assin Fosu N8 highway.

The load of wooden boards spilled from the truck and tragically fell on a pedestrian who was using the designated pedestrian walkway. The impact resulted in the immediate death of the pedestrian at the scene.

Emergency services, including the Ghana National Fire Service and the Police command in Assin Fosu, arrived at the scene and successfully retrieved the victim’s body. It was then transported to the St. Francis Xavier Hospital morgue for further handling.

To prevent potential mob violence and aid in the investigation, the police took the driver of the truck into custody. However, the driver’s name is currently unknown.

This incident highlights the need for road safety and vigilance to prevent such accidents and protect pedestrians using designated walkways.

Source: Myjoyonline

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