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“I left Highly Spiritual because I felt it was time” – Mr. Drew



“I left Highly Spiritual because I felt it was time” – Mr. Drew

Renowned Ghanaian hiplife and Afrobeats artist, Mr. Drew, has opened up about his departure from his former music label, Highly Spiritual Records, and the reasons behind it.

During an interview with Nana Ama Mcbrown on Onua Showtime, Mr. Drew shared that after fulfilling his five-year contract with the label, he believed it was time for his personal brand to advance and carve its own path in the industry.

His decision to part ways with Highly Spiritual Records aligns him with other artists like Lasmid, Kurl Songs, Yaw Berk, Krymi, and King Maaga, who have also left the label for various reasons.

According to the singer of the hit song ‘Seleey,’ his choice to leave Highly Spiritual was not an easy one, but he felt it was necessary for the growth and development of his brand after completing his five-year contract term.

Speaking about the specifics of his split with Kaywa, the label owner, Mr. Drew revealed that the agreement was amicable. He mentioned that Kaywa gave his blessing for him to pursue his own path.

“In every work you do, contracts are involved, and when the time is right, the contract determines whether you continue working with the management team or venture on your own,” Mr. Drew explained.

For Mr. Drew, the time had come to separate from the management team and explore new opportunities for his brand.

“For me personally, I felt it was necessary to move forward for the Mr. Drew brand, so I didn’t consider signing again. I believe five years is enough,” Mr. Drew expressed to Nana Ama Mcbrown.

Earlier this month, Mr. Drew’s departure from Highly Spiritual Records after completing his five-year contract was confirmed by label boss, Kaywa, who also acknowledged that it was a friendly parting, although the label had hoped he would continue with them.

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Source: 3News

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