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Turkey finally approves Sweden’s bid to join Nato.



Turkey finally approves Sweden’s bid to join Nato.

Turkey, one of the final two members to oppose Sweden’s bids to join the alliance (together with Hungary), has agreed to back Sweden’s application.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson declared, “I am thrilled; it is a good day for Sweden.”

Due to Turkey’s allegations that Sweden was harboring militant Kurds, Sweden was denied entry into NATO, which requires the consent of all current members.

Dutzende of individuals, whom Turkey had sought to be extradited, were alleged terrorists in Ankara’s eyes. The burning of the Quran in Sweden, which Turkey fiercely denounced, caused further tension in their relationship.

President Erdogan made it seem that his change of heart was related to the EU restarting the halted membership negotiations with Ankara. Still, EU officials quickly rejected the claim, claiming those were two distinct matters.

Source: BBC

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