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Trolls on social are unhappy in life and they take that out on everything – KiDi.



Trolls on social are unhappy in life and they take that out on everything – KiDi.

In an exclusive interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, award-winning Ghanaian musician KiDi talked openly about the life-changing effects of taking a hiatus from music in February of this year.

The ‘I Lied’ hitmaker explained how this break has enabled him to experience major personal growth and change, notably in how he reacts to trolls and false information spread on social media.

“My mentality has undergone a lot of change. My personality has changed since February. I’ve come to a position in life where I understand some things now,” he frankly admitted.

He had to postpone his North American tour in February owing to unspecified health concerns, which sparked rumors and unsubstantiated conjecture about his health, including the bogus accusation that he had a stroke.

Kidi wrote on Instagram, “A little under two months ago, I made the tough decision of canceling my tour to take care of my health, which meant taking time off social media. The love I have received over that period from my family, friends, fans, and the brands I work with has left me speechless. In this trying time, you all made me feel tremendously loved, and I can’t thank you enough.

He claims that the reflective time he had during his hiatus gave him the ability to evaluate different elements of his life and gain insight into how to handle the difficulties that come with popularity and online scrutiny.

During the interview, the musician’s current approach to dealing with internet hostility and incorrect information was a prominent point of discussion.

In his statement, KiDi made it clear that he has learned that the harsh remarks and false rumors frequently aimed at celebrities do not represent who they are as people.

“I now understand that it’s not really about me when people post stuff on social media. The lives of some of them are unpleasant. He said that if you are dissatisfied, you would vent your frustration on anyone and everything.


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