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Niger junta appoints new prime minister.



Niger junta appoints new prime minister.

Following the coup on July 26, the commander of the Niger junta, Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani, appointed a former finance minister to the position of prime minister.

Mahamadou Ouhoumoudou is replaced by Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine since he was in Europe at the time of the coup.

From 2001 until the army overthrew the late former President Mamadou Tandja in 2010, Mr. Zeine, who is believed to be in his 50s, served as cabinet director and finance minister.

A junta spokeswoman delivered a statement announcing his appointment on the public television network Télé Sahel on Monday night.

The former finance minister has been named by Niger junta leader Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani. According to the privately owned ActuNiger news website, Mr. Zeine has recently worked for the African Development Bank in Gabon, Ivory Coast, and Chad.

Along with appointing Brig. Gen. Amadou Didilli as the nation’s High Authority for Peace Consolidation (HACP) leader and Brig. Gen. Abou Tague Mahamadou as the inspector general of the army and national gendarmerie, the junta made these appointments on Monday.

It designated Lt Col Habibou Assoumane as the commander of the presidential guard and Col Ibro Amadou Bachirou as the junta leader’s chief of staff.

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