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Akofa Edjeani Admits Financial Struggles in Filmmaking Career



Akofa Edjeani Admits Financial Struggles in Filmmaking Career

Actress Akofa Edjeani disclosed on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z that her journey as a filmmaker in the local movie industry has not translated into substantial financial gains. She highlighted the absence of established systems in the industry when she began her acting career, emphasizing the sacrifices made by herself and her colleagues to pave the way for future generations.

Acknowledging the foundational role they played, Edjeani expressed that while newer entrants may benefit from their efforts, she personally hasn’t seen significant financial success. Despite this, she finds fulfillment in her craft, recognizing its power to entertain and inspire audiences.

Edjeani emphasized the importance of taking her craft seriously and highlighted the satisfaction derived from positively impacting viewers’ lives. She cited instances where her work had influenced positive change in individuals, serving as a source of motivation and hope.

However, Edjeani also underscored the need for improvement within the industry, particularly concerning financial remuneration. She believes that more can be done to enhance various aspects of the industry, including better pay for practitioners, indicating that there is room for significant improvement in this regard.

Source: ghmediahub

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