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Burna Boy Refers to Davido as ‘Joke’: Mixed Reactions Emerge



Burna Boy Refers to Davido as ‘Joke’: Mixed Reactions Emerge

Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning Nigerian artist, indirectly referred to his fellow musician Davido as a “joke” during an exchange with a fan on social media. The interaction unfolded after a Davido supporter insulted Burna Boy for not winning any Grammys recently.

In response to the insult, Burna Boy retorted by pointing out the fan’s profile picture, which prominently featured Davido. Burna Boy’s implication was that the true irony lay in the choice of the fan’s display image.

However, Burna Boy later removed his comment after the fan changed their profile picture from Davido to another image. When another fan criticized Burna Boy for deleting his comment, he explained that he did so because the troll had changed their profile picture.

Despite the removal of his comment, Burna Boy faced criticism on social media for his remarks, with some condemning him for being immature and needlessly insulting Davido.

Source: ghmediahub