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Ahuofe Patri Exposes Married Man Trying to Woo Her: ‘Are You Guys Forced?



Ahuofe Patri Exposes Married Man Trying to Woo Her: ‘Are You Guys Forced?

Ghanaian actress Ahuofe Patri, renowned for her role in the ‘Boys Abre’ web series alongside Kalybos, recently shared a personal experience regarding her interactions with married men.

In a recent video, she recounted a recent encounter with a married man who attempted to woo her with attention and flattering words. The actress’s narrative has ignited discussions about the faithfulness of Ghanaian men, with fans applauding her for standing firm in her convictions.

“Married men, are you guys forced to get married? Do they put a gun to your head and force you to the altar?” Ahuofe Patri questioned married men, expressing her dismay at the trend of men seeking extramarital relationships.

According to the actress, she discerned the intentions of her suitor even before things escalated. She felt content with her decision to distance herself from the advances of the married man.

The suitor, according to Ahuofe Patri, showered her with affection and persistently pressured her to accept his advances. However, her intuition warned her to exercise caution around him. Several weeks later, she discovered that he had posted a photo of his wife to commemorate her birthday.

“Unfortunately for him, I am too mature for such games. I saw through his façade,” she remarked in her video, earning praise from numerous fans for rejecting the advances of her married suitor.

She then questioned why men deceive women about their marital status only to pursue relationships with unsuspecting single ladies.

Source: ghmediahub

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