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Ghanaians leaving for opportunities abroad, not dissatisfaction with govt – Gideon Boako



Ghanaians leaving for opportunities abroad, not dissatisfaction with govt – Gideon Boako

Dr Gideon Boako, the spokesperson for Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has refuted allegations that a loss of faith in the government is causing citizens to leave the country, describing such claims as ‘dishonest’.

In a conversation with Selorm Adonoo on Point Blank on Eyewitness News on Citi FM on Thursday, Dr Boako addressed the increasing perception that a significant number of Ghanaians are choosing to emigrate due to dissatisfaction with the current administration.

He argued that these claims were not only baseless but also misleading, as they did not accurately represent the situation in the country and undermined the government’s efforts.

Dr Boako emphasised the importance of viewing the situation from a positive perspective, such as the increase in people travelling for cross-border trade.

In response to the assertion that unprecedented hopelessness or hardship in Ghana is causing people to travel, Dr Boako stated, “It will be the highest level of dishonesty if anybody says that…People travel for different reasons. Some are going to school; some are going to do business. 10 years ago, how many Ghanaians used to travel to Dubai, today multiples of people go to Dubai.

“What do they go there to do? They don’t go there to live, they go for holidays, they go to do shopping, they go to do trade and come back.

“So, you cannot say that the fact that you go to the Airport and people are moving in droves, travelling is an indication of hopelessness.”

He added, “You rather have to look at it even on the positive side because today people are doing cross border trade more than it used to be in the past…So, it will be the greatest level of dishonesty and in fact lack of proper education to say that because people are travelling more, it is an indication of hopelessness. I don’t buy into that.”

Source: CNR

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