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I’ve not dated anyone since 2008 — Falz



I’ve not dated anyone since 2008 — Falz

Singer Folarin Falana, also known as Falz, has opened up about his relationship status.

His romantic life has been a topic of speculation, with many fans initially expecting a love affair between him and fellow singer Simi due to their evident musical chemistry and collaborations long before she married Adekunle Gold.

During an interview with Beat 99.9FM on the Morning Rush Show, hosted by Bibi Raii, Falz addressed the curiosity surrounding his love life.

Raii asked, “The streets want to know: is Falz single?”

“That’s a good question,” Falz said. “I am still single. In fact, single to stupor.”

When asked about the length of his single status and why, surprisingly, Falz disclosed that his “last relationship was in 2008, I was 18, precisely. And with the math, this is already 15 years of being single.

“It’s not like I’m running. It’s just been like a roller coaster—a couple of different things, a couple of different reasons,” the singer stated.

‘‘It keeps on changing. I just haven’t felt ready. That’s the summary of it. I’ve not felt ready. But you never know; maybe the gold era is the era of the gold ring.”

Similarly, in a 2021 interview with Toolz, Falz explained why he is delaying settling down. “It’s difficult to combine family life with a healthy relationship and family life and have a healthy, booming career in entertainment. I would rather settle down at the right time,” he said.

My attraction

After explaining his single status, he disclosed to Raii what makes him more attracted to women.

“I am attracted to the aura of a lady. I don’t mean a horror aura; I’m a Yoruba man. I am attracted to the vibe. The energy has to be with ‘steeze.’ When I say aura, I don’t mean that loosely. It’s like, When I see a person, what do they ooze?”

He continued, “I’ve reached a realm where I’m coming from a place where I thought maybe I liked light-skinned babes or perhaps I liked babes that have big breasts, all those kinds of fickle things. But I’m in a realm where it’s not even about that. It’s more like, What do you ooze? Like, what kind of energy do you ooze?”

To illustrate his preference, he shared a story about an encounter with a lady at an event.

“I met someone the other day, and we were at an event. I was sitting down already, and she just came and sat down at the table. She looked at me, and I looked at her, and without saying anything to each other, we had introduced ourselves.

“Do you see the aura now? Just energy. Just vibes. If I meet someone who has that aura, that is enough to make a man as alive and aroused as he needs to be. It’s not about whether everything (body physique) is big or small. It’s not about that anymore. I am happy with this place because those things are just fickle. It’s a lot more than that, and it’s not something you can learn; you just have it,” the singer said.


Due to their noticeable musical chemistry years back, Falz and Simi were the subject of much fan speculation. However, Simi clarified that, despite the existing chemistry, there was no romantic relationship.

Simi and Falz’s flow was evident in songs like “Soldier” and “Chemistry” from their joint EP Chemistry (2016). Their interactions in music videos and live performances also contributed to the perception of strong on-screen chemistry, making their collaborations engaging and appealing to fans.

Falz and Simi in Chemistry release

However, this was just professional collaboration, artistic appeal and storytelling.

Until their recent collaboration, “Borrow Me Your Baby,” released on 31 May 2024, the duo had not had any since 2017, which was Simi’s “Jamb Question.”

When asked by Raii, “What took the collaboration so long?” Falz explained, “It’s funny because we’ve been friends for a while, even before the collaboration. We had known each other for years before we recorded together. So, it’s just one of those things where the timing was right, and it happened organically. We didn’t force it.”

Falz said, “There is no particular reason. It’s just that we were both focused on our careers and projects. But once we got into the studio together, it was magic. The chemistry was undeniable and showed in the music we created.”

Raii also inquired if working with Simi presented any particular challenges. Falz responded, “Yes. The chemistry is so strong that it becomes challenging in a good way.

“When you connect with someone, you want to push each other to be better. It’s not just about making good music; it’s about creating something exceptional. So, there’s that pressure not to disappoint each other and always to bring your A-game.”

He added, “It’s a very healthy challenge. Working with Simi has always been a pleasure because she’s incredibly talented and brings out the best in me. But simultaneously, it’s challenging because we set such high standards for ourselves and each other.”

When asked if fans could expect more collaborations between them in the future, Falz confirmed, “Definitely. We both enjoy working together, and I think the fans love it too. So, as long as the chemistry is there and the timing is right, you can expect more collaborations from us.”

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