Test Jack Ma Nose Masks Before Use; Else Africa Will Record More Death Than Italy Or Europe

Test Jack Ma Nose Masks Before Use; Else Africa Will Record More Death Than Italy Or Europe

Bill Gate announced on 12th March that Africa is yet to record higher death cases of covid 19 soon more than what Italy and China has recorded so far . He even indirectly cautioned African leaders to watch out..

China run out of nose masks, sanitizers and protective clothes during it’s awful covid 19 outbreak. They were receiving support and Aid from America.. yet Chinese donated skits and other so called proctective stuffs against covid 19 to Italy after it also recorded 100 cases of this virus … Now tell me..how many cases has Italy recorded so far? How many deaths cases has Italy recorded so far?

Now this is the direction I want to digest into..I heard Jack Ma has donated some protective stuffs to Ghana and some part of Africa for us to use against the spread of covid 19 novel..but hey wait..if this information is indeed true, do we really need those stuffs from him? Why don’t he rather donate those stuffs to China ? I think they need that the most or?

SMH this is the same mistake Italy , And other European countries have made making them die out of their total ignorance. Not anybody that do you good has a good intentions for you..many people do you good especially when they want to destroy you and I can bet with my life that if it is really true that Jack Ma has successfully distributed these materials to some part of Africa and even Ghana, then what Bill Gate said some weeks ago is about to happen cos all those materials imported are indirectly infected with the virus, any man who may use the nose masks, clothes, or whatever may be using that against their own selves!!!!!!!!!!

Ghana leaders, African leaders …be wise! Be wise and be wise again!!!
Don’t let your stomachs cause us a big mistake. Remember this virus was created to reduce human population by the New World Order!! Don’t let our beautiful continent be a victim of their stupid mission! I repeat if it is indeed true jack Ma has successfully distributed to Africa, then they should be rejected as soon as possible. They tried helping Italy now Italians are dying like fowls!!! A word to a wise is enough.

source: ghanacrusader.com

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