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Covid-19: Akufo-Addo’s ‘robust economy’ on ventilators – Mahama



Covid-19: Akufo-Addo’s ‘robust economy’ on ventilators – Mahama

Flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) has re-echoed what he says is the grim economic realities of the country, as he took a swipe at government for false growth forecasts.

He said just a month experience of the global pandemic(coronavirus) has sent the much touted robust economy reeling from the crisis.

Mr. Mahama made the comment while responding to a question about the imminent recession of the Ghanaian economy, predicted by some economists in his maiden digital conversation Thursday night.

The coronavirus pandemic is driving upheavals in the economies on the globe as countries are getting hit harder by the pandemic.

The Akufo-Addo administration has made audacious statement about reviving the Ghanaian economy despite the extent of the crisis.

“We know what to do to bring back our economy back to life. What we do not know how to do is to bring people back to life” President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo told Ghanaians in an address to the nation on measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus.

But his arch-rival, Mr. Mahama, says the dramatic fall of the economy has become visible as government nearly starved public sector workers had it not been rescued by the International monetary Fund(IMF).

“Its always necessary when you’re building an economy to have enough buffers and create fiscal space so that when you’re faced with a shock or adversity, you’re easily able to overcome it. unfortunately this government has used a lot of propaganda. They said the economy has been the best we ever had since independence.

“Unfortunately just one month of coronavirus and the economy is in ICU. If we didn’t run to the IMF, for the 1 billion rapid Credit facility, it’s possible that in the next two months probably salaries would not have been paid. And so our economy is on ventilators and it needs thinking to rescue it from the ICU.”


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