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‘Beautiful Christmas trees’ at airport cost GHS34K not GHS84K – Paul Adom Otchere



‘Beautiful Christmas trees’ at airport cost GHS34K not GHS84K – Paul Adom Otchere

The Board Chairman of the Ghana Airport Company, Paul Adom Otchere, has refuted allegations that the company bought four Christmas trees at GHS84,000 during the Yuletide.

A Facebook user has alleged that the company bought the trees at GHS84,000, but did not pay workers’ salaries on time.

Mr. Paul Adom Otchere, in a response on Facebook, however says the claims are untrue.

The Host of Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV insists that the company rather bought the trees at GHS34,000 and also at a “heavy discount”.

“The beautiful Christmas tree standing at Terminal 3 and 3 others altogether cost GHC 34,000, which was graciously provided by Jandel Limited at a heavy discount. (We thank Jandel Limited)”

“The other inspirations were provided by Favors and Arts for a total cost of GHC 84,000 out of which GHC 50,000 was obtained via sponsorship.”

Mr. Paul Adom Otchere also rejected claims that the staff of the company haven’t been paid their December salaries.

“All salaries and or bonuses due to staff for December have been paid.”

He also said claims that invoices for the trees were issued in his name are also untrue.

According to him, such allegations are spurious.

“It is ridiculous for anyone to say that the invoices from these two reputable companies were issued in the name of the Board Chairman, that just means the author of such spurious allegations has insufficient acquaintance with corporate workings.”

Source: CNR

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