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I gave Sarkodie international appeal through my awards – Dr UN



I gave Sarkodie international appeal through my awards – Dr UN

Kwame Owusu Fordjour, known as Dr UN, says he gave Sarkodie an international appeal when he awarded him. “My award has made Sarkodie popular and given him an international appeal,” he told AJ Poundz on Onua FM’s Adwuma Adwuma midmorning show.

According to Dr UN, the kind of mileage Sarkodie and the rest of his awardees got from his awards was enormous.

“Earlier, Sark was only known to the Ghanaians community abroad. For example, initially, when he travels to New York, he was known by just the Ghanaian community there. When my award made it into international headlines, for example, BBC and CNN, that was the deal breaker for him,” he explained.

He continued: “You know, the UN issued a disclaimer via international media saying Dr Kwame Fordjour doesn’t have any affiliation with them. It elevated you. So, if you want to brand yourself, you start from there. Every award scheme is limited to the local community, but my initiative was way bigger. Now people in high positions, like pastors and high commissioners, know Sarkodie,” he asserted.

He further disclosed that the citation he awarded was specially scripted with help from diplomats, embassies and high commissioners.
“So Sarkodie shouldn’t have listened to the masses. Now the world knows Sarkodie, so my award isn’t fake,” he concluded.

Source: 3news