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Shell faces a law suit from two Nigerian communities for health malpractices and environmental damage



Shell faces a law suit from two Nigerian communities for health malpractices and environmental damage

Shell, the multinational oil company, is facing legal action and allegations of environmental contamination and medical negligence in Nigeria.

In the Bille and Ogale communities of Rivers State, thousands of people are suffering from contaminated water and environmental damage caused by regular oil spills in the Niger Delta.

The communities have filed a lawsuit against Shell in the UK, demanding that the company clean up the pollution and compensate them for the loss of their livelihoods.

Shell argues that the communities lack legal standing and that the spills occurred too long ago for compensation claims, despite announcing record profits.

The law firm Leigh Day represents over 13,000 claimants from Bille and Ogale, emphasizing the significance of the case and the impact of environmental damage on these communities.

In another case, a Nigerian family, Emeka Okoli and his wife Stella, have sued Shell Nigeria for alleged medical malpractice at their clinic.

The Okoli family’s son, Chinazam, underwent a routine appendicitis surgery at a Shell clinic in Port Harcourt in 2016, but the procedure went wrong, resulting in Chinazam remaining hospitalized in a coma for seven years.

The family faced challenges and frustrations throughout the ordeal, including a lack of communication from medical staff and Shell’s delay in approving the transfer of Chinazam to a specialized rehabilitation facility in the United States.

Shell has been accused of violating its commitment to ensuring the well-being of individuals and has refused to release the investigation report on the surgery, adding to the family’s anguish. The Okoli family continues to fight for justice and proper care for their son while seeking closure in the case.

These cases highlight the allegations against Shell regarding environmental pollution and medical negligence in Nigeria, and the affected individuals and communities are seeking accountability and compensation for the harm caused.

Source: 3News

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