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We are bringing a new sound called ‘Ghanapiano’ – Dope Nation.



We are bringing a new sound called ‘Ghanapiano’ – Dope Nation.

Dope Nation, a musical duo made up of twins from Ghana, has disclosed that they are developing a new sound called “Ghanapiano” that they plan to include in their music.

The twin brothers stated they are bringing a new sound, “Ghanapiano,” which they have already experimented with on their popular song “Gboza,” in an interview on TV3 Newday with Berla Mundi serving as their host.

Actually, ‘Gboza’ was the first word. There are hints of Hammer’s music in it if you listen to it. We’re attempting to create a brand-new sound called “Ghanapiano,” they said.

Dope Nation responded, “This is not to fight anyone’s intellectual property,” when questioned if the revelation would not cause controversy or the like. We are merely attempting to validate everyone while also introducing a fresh sound.

In addition, they explained why Ghana was included in the naming decision despite the presence of a piano.

“The reason it’s from Ghana is that we combined traditional and contemporary musical elements from Ghanaian culture on the piano. You can hear these piano characteristics in “Gboza,” which is why we gave the genre the moniker “Ghanapiano,” they said.

The popular South African amapiano is combined with Ghanaian culture to create “Ghanapiano.” The incredible duo learned the skill and applied it to their project because of the significant part that South African sound plays in the creation of the new sound.

They made this disclosure to dispel the notion that they just decided to embark on a new endeavor for which they lacked the necessary skills.

“We didn’t just wake up one day and coin the phrase. We have friends who work as producers in South Africa, and they welcomed us into their homes,” they said.

“We watched how they created their beats, learned their components, and decided to create this type of sound,” they added. You may hear the am a piano instrument, but it is a Ghanaian sound if you pay attention.

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