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The University of Ghana urged to introduce forensic investigation programs.



The University of Ghana urged to introduce forensic investigation programs.

It has been suggested that the University of Ghana (UG) take into account forensic investigation programs in its curriculum.

Alfred Aryee, a partner at the chartered accounting company Makers and Partners, claims that this will allow students to get the necessary abilities to assist in addressing fraud-related concerns in Ghana.

The goal of forensic investigation is to identify a suspect by acquiring and examining all tangible evidence connected to a crime.

The comments were expressed by Mr. Aryee in an interview he gave after the University’s 75th-anniversary celebration of Thanksgiving service.

Muslim prayers were offered at the Legon Central Mosque by the management and staff of UG as a part of the event, which was sponsored by Makers and Partners.

An alumnus of the university, Mr. Aryee, claimed that the implementation of forensic investigation programs will help the nation’s forensic investigation organizations by producing the human resources they need.

He emphasized that forensic investigation plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system by giving investigators and judges access to scientific and fundamental knowledge.

Mr. Aryee also emphasized the necessity of internship programs, stressing that they should be mandatory and tailored to the student’s fields of study.

According to him, this would allow students to gain real-world experience, which would help them develop their interests and skills in the corporate sector.

“The programs should be graded as part of their results, and Makers and Partners are open for such internship programs,” he continued.

For her part, UG Vice Chancellor Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo thanked God for the university’s 75 years of academic achievement and the generation of top-notch human resources for not only Ghana but the entire African continent and the rest of the world.

She informed the GNA that during her leadership, UG has started several technology-driven programs aimed at improving teaching and learning, such as “Classroom Modernization,” “One Student One Laptop,” and “Hot-spot Comfort Zones.”

According to Prof. Amfo, “In general, we seek to provide our students with an excellent experience while they are here on campus; to be able to give them the required skills for the 21st century and prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution.”

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