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ACBSP engages Ghanaian universities on accreditation journey



ACBSP engages Ghanaian universities on accreditation journey

Professor Deborah Gaspard, former Board Chair of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs(ACBSP), has met with Ghanaian universities working towards accreditation status.

Over 10 universities attended, including Laweh University College, Accra Technical University, All Nations University and Pentecost University.

The rest were Academic City College, Islamic University, Catholic University and Central University.

University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), which is already accredited, was also present to share its experience.

Prof. Gaspard shared insights on the US-based ACBSP’s mission, vision, global membership, and benefits of accreditation.

She highlighted ACBSP’s quality assurance standards, valued by US and global licensing bodies and regulatory agencies.

ACBSP-accredited schools are part of a global education network, offering exchange programs, research opportunities, and cultural enrichment.

The network supports member schools of all sizes, upholding high quality standards based on core values like leadership and student focus.

Students from accredited schools have easier credit transfers and advanced degree acceptance.

Dr. Abraham Lincoln Owusu, ACBSP Africa Regional Head, thanked Prof. Gaspard for her engagement with member universities.

ACBSP has over 1,120 member campuses in 64 countries worldwide.

Source: 3news

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