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ECG: The more tariffs you use, the more you pay. Monies do not disappear on the meters



ECG: The more tariffs you use, the more you pay. Monies do not disappear on the meters

Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) officials, Leila Abubakari and Kwame Afari Cheku, recently appeared on the Sunrise show on 3FM to provide answers to frequently asked questions by ECG customers. The officials addressed a range of topics including power outages, toll-free numbers, meter problems and prepaid credit issues.

Explaining why power outages occur, Leila Abubakari attributed them to the effects of physics and certain elements. She explained that trees heavy on wires, overloaded networks, burnt transformers, and faulty generators were some of the factors that could cause interruptions in power supply.

On the issue of the ECG not having a toll-free number, Abubakari stated that it was a gradual process, and the customer service department was working on bringing a toll-free number soon.

In response to complaints about Neu meters, Mr. Cheku clarified that Neu was not the only meter used by the ECG, and that the issue could be with general customer service. He assured customers that the ECG was constantly improving its customer service.

Regarding prepaid credit issues, Mr. Cheku explained that billing was done in the meter, and customers were expected to load money in the meter as they used power. He added that money would not vanish from the meter if it had not been used.

Customers were also advised that electricity tariffs used by the ECG were graduated tariffs banks, and moving from one tariff band to the other would require them to pay more as they used more power. The officials urged customers to contact the ECG customer service department if they had any issues or concerns.

Source: 3News

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