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Viral “Father Bernard” video. Watch full interview with woman.



Viral “Father Bernard” video. Watch full interview with woman.

A few weeks ago, a video of a burial service in Saltpond, Central Region, went viral, capturing a solemn moment as a catholic priest was laid to rest. However, what caught the attention of social media users was when a woman threw herself onto the casket inside the grave, wailing and shouting “Father Bernard.”

This incident sparked discussions and curiosity about the reasons behind her actions, leading to the creation of numerous memes on platforms like Twitter and TikTok.

Now, the woman at the center of the incident, Comfort Jackson, has come forward to explain her actions. She revealed that she helps clean the church where the late Father Bernard served and that he had played a significant role in her personal growth and well-being. According to her, he prayed for her and supported her during her father’s illness.

The shock of witnessing the man who had been instrumental in her life being buried overwhelmed her, and she couldn’t comprehend the scene. She even mentioned having dreams about the late priest before his funeral.

During an interview on Kofi TV, she expressed that the weight of grief was so intense that she cannot fully explain why she jumped into the grave, as she was standing far at the back of the gathering.

Watch the video below:

Source: AdomOnline

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