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12y/o girl dies after a failed abortion in Ellembelle



12y/o girl dies after a failed abortion in Ellembelle

According to reports, a girl attempted to have an abortion, which ultimately failed. The tragic incident occurred in Telekubukazo, a community in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region, resulting in the untimely death of a 12-year-old girl named Augustina Gabriel.

Augustina was rushed to the St. Martin de Porres Hospital in Eikwe but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Jonas Kabutey, the Social Welfare Officer of Ellembelle, confirmed the news and indicated that they suspect her death was a result of complications from the failed abortion attempt.

It is believed that Augustina took unprescribed medication in an effort to terminate her five-month pregnancy. She initially experienced complications and received first aid at the Esiama Hospital. However, her condition worsened, and she was transferred to the St. Martin de Porres Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

It was revealed that Augustina had been involved in a relationship with a 21-year-old man in the area since she was 11 years old. Shockingly, her parents, who are herbalists, were aware of the relationship and even allowed her to sleep over at her boyfriend’s house. They reportedly benefited financially from the relationship.

Mr. Karbutey, the Ellembelle Social Welfare Officer, highlighted the prevalence of such cases in the district and called for organizations to provide constant education and assistance. He expressed the need for NGOs and other organizations to intervene and help address the situation. Additionally, he mentioned that his office has invited the responsible 21-year-old boyfriend for questioning regarding the pregnancy.

Source: 3News

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