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Wizkid praises Don Jazzy after social media spat



Wizkid praises Don Jazzy after social media spat

Singer Wizkid appears to be mending fences with music producer Don Jazzy after an online spat between them about two months ago.

Wizkid, on 29 April, called the Mavin record boss an “influencer” via his X page, a post that sparked social media reactions.

The post sparked a reaction between Jazzy fans and Wizkid fans, known as Wizkid FC, and it also led to decisive action by the 41-year-old.

The music producer, who did not resonate well with his post, unfollowed the ‘Ojuelegba’ crooner on Instagram, which sparked pleasant and unpleasant comments from netizens.

However, in a new development on Thursday, Wizkid’s tweet insinuated the online spat between him and Jazzy had ended.

The 33-year-old singer, in a shocking revelation, recognised the Mavin Records label boss as “Amazing”.

He tweeted, “ Don Jazzy!! Amazing human!”

The singer’s tweet has been met with mocking reactions, with many maintaining that he is chasing clout.

While it’s not sure whether he has ended his beef with Don Jazzy, a recent check on Jazzy’s IG shows the duo haven’t followed each other back.

However, Jazzy responded to his tweet hours later with the word “Babanla”. Fans, on seeing his response, expressed disappointment.

Jazzy was not the only one Wizkid had an online dispute with; Davido also.

Wizkid vs Davido

Wizkid did not only throw shades at Jazzy in April but also at Davido. He posted a leaked video of Davido on his knees, crying and begging an alleged female associate.

The Ojuelegba crooner said a convincing video from his fans, like that of Davido begging, could make him release a new song suggesting that they plead.

As usual, Davido did not sit back and watch Wizkid shine for shaming him; he returned the insult with something that felt like truth.

The 31-year-old said, “That’s what I thought. Nothing to say, exactly why I stopped wasting my clout and jeopardising my millions of USD of endorsements on someone whose career was resurrected a few years ago to die again.”

Although the dispute did not start in April, the feud remains.

Source: premiumtimesng